We all have different perspectives, different ways of viewing things in life. I know a lot of people think that money is the key answer to everything, and as money is extremely essential and necessary to survive and have a decent living, money isn’t everything. Money can’t buy you happiness. Sure, it can buy you … More Perspective

Fuel Your Passion

This year I want to talk about love, but not the kind of love you feel for another being but falling in love with your passion, the thing you love to do. Often times we put things aside, we claim to not have the time for them but then we waste our time on other, less significant … More Fuel Your Passion

Set Yourself Free

Sometimes we don’t quite know why we allow ourselves to get so caught up in situations. We might ask ourselves: Why do we care so much? Why do we live on such sweet nothing? The simple truth is: we love hard, we are genuine, and our intentions are good. If you do these things, you … More Set Yourself Free

Red Paradise

We often hold on to the idea that things will be different, that people will change and want to be better, but the truth is people rarely ever change. People won’t change if they don’t feel the need to, if they don’t see a problem with the way they are. The need to change must … More Red Paradise

Mingo Flamingo

Oh my, where have I been? I apologize for being MIA, life has been crazy busy lately. Between work, making clothes, going places, doing photo shoots, and trying to help manage a business it’s been pretty crazy, but hey! I’m here trying to make it all work. Recently I visited the museum of  Ice Cream, … More Mingo Flamingo

Hot and Cold

This weather reminds me of Katie Perry’s song “Hot and Cold”. One day it feels super hot the next it feels like it might rain. It’s already the end of May and the weather hasn’t decided when summer will finally hit but I honestly can’t wait for warmer days. In the mean time, let me … More Hot and Cold